Meet Claire!

Claire Price is the founder and creator of Price Design Studio. Claire is a digital illustrator and creative designer located in Canada.

Price Design Studio was created in 2020 to showcase and sell Claire’s custom art and digital designs with everyone. Claire hopes to open her own freelance studio in the future, but as of March 2021 she has started operating her small business remotely and online only, more to come soon!

Claire is a digital illustration artist that works on commission projects for clients, while studying in school and working a full-time job. If you have an idea for a custom design or portrait that you would like to discuss or a new idea of something we haven’t seen yet, send in your ideas and inspiration by clicking here!

Claire kneeling down to her dog in the snow.


Claire loves warm summer weather and going for walks with her dog Maggie, even during the winter! Her favourite food is steak and lobster, and favourite past time (when she isn’t drawing digital art) is enjoying company with friends and family.